Update 21 OOOPS!


Some 400 students in an elementary school in Saginaw, MI, were evacuated from their building just before the start of classes because of a burning smell in the school.

400 students were evacuated from an elementary schoolSome 400 students were evacuated from their elementary school

The source of the burning smell: burned popcorn. Oooops.

burned popcorn caused the smellThe burning smell was from burned popcorn in a microwave

The evacuation lasted about 20 minutes while firemen found the source of the smell and then cleared the building, making sure it was safe for the students to enter the building again.

The burned popcorn was found in a microwave in the school. 

My guess is that a teacher left the popcorn in the microwave too long, and left the teachers’ lounge while the popcorn was still popping. Oooops.

From Saginaw News by Michael Kransz

Popcorn Shop Opening in Normal, IL

New popcorn shop to open in IllinoisNew popcorn shop will open in Normal, IL

A new popcorn shop will open in February, 2018, in Normal, IL. A chocolate, fudge, and popcorn shop is opening where The Garlic Press Market Café used to be. The owners of The Garlic Press will be opening the new popcorn shop.

The new popcorn shop doesn’t have a name, yet, but will have by the time it opens.

New popcorn shop not named yetPopcorn shop not named yet

The kitchen will be redesigned to make 50 flavors of popcorn. These flavors will include savory and spicy flavors plus the traditional caramel, and butter and cheese.

Popcorn shop to openPopcorn shop to open

The new popcorn shop will also sell coffee, coffee beans, and specialty sodas, and provide free WiFi. Seating, though limited, will be both indoors and outdoors.

The owners, Sarah McManus, Dorothy Bushnell, and Pam Locsin, want the new store to be community-oriented.

The popcorn and fudge will be made on-site. The employees will be trained by professional popcorn and fudge makers before the store opens.

I love the idea of a popcorn shop being community-oriented. I wonder what it takes to become professional popcorn maker?

From The Pantagraph by Julia Evelsizer

Inpopnito’s Popping Deals

Popcorn shop is in Newport, Rhode IslandInpopnito is located in Newport, Rhode Island

Inpopnito offers over 100 crafted flavors, all of which are prepared by hand. The popcorn is high-end, non-GMO seeds popped in coconut oil.

They offer over a dozen caramel flavors. Other flavors include spicy or sweet or fruity or hot and spicy.

Inpopnito sells popcorn in resealable snack bags, American-made tins, and sample disguise kits. “Disguise” flavors include Blue Raspberry, Key Lime, Wacky Watermelon, Sea-sprayed Caramel, Coconut Carmel, French Onion, Honey Mustard, Dark Chocolate-covered Cherries, Strawberries & Cream, and many others. 

The popcorn is also available in bulk form or wholesale quantities.

For Cyber Monday they offered a $21 Voucher for $10.

Inpopnito is located in Newport, RI.

Those flavors sound exquisite. 

From the rhode show by Mary Karalis

Popcorn Inspires A Child's Book

“Popcorn Behind the Bush” by Grace LaJoy Henderson is available as a free download from November 22nd through November 24th. The book is the first in “The Gracie Series”—six books that describe the tales of Gracie and her adventures.

Popcorn Behind the Bush is a children's storyPopcorn Behind the Bush is a children's story inspired by popcorn.

“Popcorn Behind the Bush” was inspired by a real-life incident involving a mailman and a missing tin of popcorn. The story involves a popcorn tin and a cryptic note.

Reviewers say young readers will love the story and the illustrations.

Popcorn can do more than just be a wonderful treat—it inspires stories.

From Press Release in Digital Journal