Update 18 Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween and Popcorn

Need a Halloween costume idea? How about going trick or treating dressed as a box of popcorn?

Here are a couple of ideas:

1.   Wear a white shirt and red pants or vertically stripped red and white pants or shirt, and a plain white baseball cap. Use a fabric glue and glue as much popped popcorn on your cap as you want. Now you are a box of popcorn.

White shirtWhite shirt
red pantsred pants
white baseball capwhite baseball cap

2.   Take a large box (large enough that will fit over your head and ride on your shoulders). Leave the bottom open and cut holes for your head and arms. Paint the box with vertical red and white strips. Cover a white baseball cap with glued on popcorn. Put the cap on your head and you have another box of popcorn costume. 

Box to make a popcorn costumeStart with a box with one end open.

From Tampa Events by Tamy Lugo

High School Students and Popcorn

Pender High School is a rural school located in Burgaw, NC. The school has a new project that is tasty as well as academic.

The school is growing popcorn on its campus. Not only are they just growing the popcorn, they are also processing it—some 700 pounds of popcorn!

The popcorn was harvested in September, and then the agricultural students cleaned the popcorn. They used a special machine and shoveled the kernels into the machine, which then shook the popcorn and blew the dust off of it. Then the kernels were fell into a barrel. 

Art students also got into the project when they designed a logo for Pender Pop. The school’s business students are working on a local distribution plan for Pender Pop.

Business students are helping with the project.Business students are helping with the project.

The project was made possible with the help of a local farmer, a NC State Extension agent, and the Pender Alliance for Teen Health.

Way to go Pender High School! Keep on poppin’!

From WWAY 3 by Justin McKee

Microwave Popcorn Warnings (Again)?

Popcorn—the healthy treat—may have some problems if you are using the microwave bagged stuff. 

Unpopped bag of microwave popcorn.Does microwave popcorn create a health problem?

There have been concerns for ages about the popcorn in the microwavable bags that is popped in the microwave. 

Well, the problem, it seems, is the steam that is emitted when the bag is opened. A chemical known as vegetable-oil metabolite (in the steam) comes out of the bag when it’s opened.

Don't inhale the steam.Don't inhale the steam when opening the bag of popcorn.

How to avoid the problem of the chemical in the steam? First, don’t open the bag immediately after the popcorn is popped—wait a few moments. Then, when you open the bag, don’t put your nose right by the opening. That way, when the steam is emitted, along with the vegetable-oil metabolite, you won’t breathe in any of it.

From: Well Good by Rachel Lapidos

Primo Popcorn Strikes Again!

Well, not really “strikes again,” but has come up with some more new flavors. (Remember, this is the store than has Prime Rib End Cut flavored popcorn.)

Their two new flavors are banana cream pie and lychee sorbet popcorn. 

Banana cream flavored popcornPrimo is offering banana cream pie flavored popcorn for the holidays.

Just in time for the holidays!

From Living808 by Web Staff