Update 17 October is Popcorn Month

Popcorn Month

Popcorn has been around for literally thousands of years, yet it hasn’t changed much (except for the addition of hundreds of various flavors). It is basically a seed that does something fun when heated—it turns into a fluffy piece of delicious, healthy food.

October is Poppin' Popcorn Month, so enjoy one of America’s favorite snacks. After all, popcorn is a non-GMO, whole grain food that is low in fat and calories (unless it is covered in butter and salt). Natural popcorn has no preservatives and no artificial additives. Plus, it is sugar free (in its natural form).

bowl of popcornOctober is poppin' popcorn month.

Okay, now that you know the benefits of natural popped popcorn, what about mixing it with other things? Try adding raisins, Chex Mix, peanuts, chocolate chips, or another of your favorite trail mix-type foods.

How ever you like your popcorn, enjoy it this month—Popcorn Month. (Then enjoy it the other 11 months of the year, too.)

From tcttimes by Vera Hogan

Popcorn Store Closing?!?

Kernel Sweetooth—what a perfect name of a popcorn store! It has two locations in Frankfort, IL. But one of those locations are closing—the one at 11 S. White Street in the Trolley Barn building. (The second location at 17258 S. Oak Park Ave, Tinley Park, is staying open.)

In this day of popcorn popularity, why would a popcorn store be closing? Poor sales? No. Lack of customers? No. Why then? Its lease is not being renewed.

Kernel Sweetooth is known for its eight flavors of gourmet popcorn (along with hand-dipped ice cream and other gourmet treats).

Glad to learn one Kernel Sweetooth is staying open for business. (I love that name!)

From Chicago Tribune by Bob Bong

Popcorn Shop Nominated for USA Today Ten Best

In 2014 Ginger Frank opened Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn in Asheville, N.C. The store features popcorn made with natural ingredients—no artificial ingredients.

Now, just three years later, Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn has been nominated, along with 20 other small businesses form around the USA, for the USA Today Ten Best contest for Food and Drink.

The store offers bold popcorn flavors such as cotton candy, garlic parmesan, gingerbread, jalapeno cheddar, and Thai spice. All flavors use natural ingredients.

They also pop their corn in small batches, so that every batch is fresh.

After just three years, the business is going to open a second retail location in Black Mountain later this month.

Congratulations Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn on your nomination and best of luck.

From News 13 WLOS by Kristy Steward

Homemade Trail Mix

What an easy trail mix for kids’ snacks?

Pop some popcorn, then add M&Ms, pretzels loops, and mixed nuts.

Mix together and enjoy.

From Creative Market by farwasser