Update 15 Popcorn Inspiration

How Popcorn Inspired a Children’s Book

Would a piece of popcorn sitting on an 18th century blue satin chair in the Metropolitan Museum of Art inspire you to write a children’s book (or even a short story)?

boy reading bookPopcorn inspired a children's book.

Well such a situation inspired “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler” by Elaine Lobi Konigsburg. The book was written some 50 years ago, and Ms Konigsburg passed away in 2013. But her children still remember how that piece of popcorn inspired the children’s book.

When the children and their mom spied the popcorn on the chair, they wondered how it got there. A velvet rope kept people away from the chair. Did a guard sit on the chair eating popcorn after the museum closed? Or was someone sleeping on the chair and left the popcorn there? Like, maybe kids or teen agers who ran away from home and were sleeping in the museum?

blue chair in museumHow did a piece of popcorn and a blue chair inspire a children's book?

Although the children and their mom never figured out how the popcorn got on that 18th century blue satin chair, their imaginations fueled one of the most popular children’s books of the 20th century.

So, the next time you spy a piece of popcorn in an unusual place, let your imagination run wild, and then write about it.

From NY Post by Raquel Laneri

More Popcorn Inspiration

An elderly gentleman lost his wife and became depressed and lonely. A policeman heard about the elderly man, and also learned the older man loved popcorn. 

The policeman was worried about the elderly man who had no family nearby. The policeman wanted to do a wellness check, but was concerned the old man might be offended. Then the policeman hit upon an idea—he bought a bag of popcorn and took it to the elderly man’s home. The old man was pleased and invited the policeman in.

bag of popcornThe policeman bought the elderly man a bag of popcorn--and their friendship began.

The older gentleman and the policeman developed a friendship that lasted for years. The policeman would bring a bag of popcorn and the two men would talk. The policeman would relay current events while the old man would reminisce. 

smiling policemanWho helped whom the most?

When the policeman retired five years later, there was a big writeup in the local paper. Among the accolades from his boss and colleagues, there was a comment from the elderly gentleman. Of all the glowing statements about him, the policeman was most inspired by the comments from his elderly friend with whom he shared many bags of popcorn. 

From Daily Post of Los Alamos by Carol A. Clark

Free Popcorn on Thursdays

Usually the summer season brings in the most money for movie theaters. Unfortunately, this summer has seen a 16% decline in summer box-office revenue—the steepest decline in modern times.

One theater owner in Morton and Hopkinsville, Kentucky, is offering free popcorn to movie goers every Thursday. The owner hopes this will draw in customers.

There are several theories as to why fewer people are attending movie theaters:

·       Lack luster movies being produced by Hollywood

·       Too expensive movie tickets

·       Warm weather encouraging people to stay outside

·       Television series improving in quality entertainment

Popcorn seems to be playing a role in trying to get people back into the cinemas. Not only the free popcorn on Thursdays, but also $4 movies and popcorn for morning shows.

Whatever the fix to increasing attendance at movie theaters, I’m sure popcorn will play a part. 

From the Times by Brent Bader