Update #14: Toddlers and Popcorn

Toddlers and Popcorn—A Dangerous Combination

two toddlers eating popcornPopcorn should not be given to children under 4 because of the potential for choking.

Many American families love popcorn—at the movies or at home. Even stores give out small bags of popcorn to its shoppers. It seems to be America’s favorite snack. And why not? It is delicious, healthy, and fun to eat.

But when can a toddler safely eat popcorn? 

young girls eating popcornBe sure toddlers are at least 4 years of age before giving them popcorn.

Pediatrician Dr. Jarret Patton notes that there are many obvious food choking hazards for children: hot dogs, candy, gum, grapes, nuts, raw veggies, and, yes, popcorn. A child’s ability to chew and swallow foods is better at 4 years of age and older.

little cowboy eating popcornLittle tyke eating popcorn

Child food choking is a leading cause of injury in children under the age of four. In fact, every five days one child in the US dies from choking on food. Unfortunately, one of those choking hazards for toddlers is popcorn. 

So, enjoy the family popcorn treat, but not with toddlers. Please wait until your child is at least four years of age before introducing them to popcorn.

From: Romper

Fresh Popped Kettle Corn’s Secret

Fresh Popped Kettle Corn’s owners, Garry and Iola Hofner, set up a tent at the Wyandot County Fair, and began making their kettle corn. The process took about eight minutes from start to finish. Each batch made eight to nine large bags.

Garry and Iola work from June to October, going to events each weekend. 

cane sugarGarry and Iola use cane sugar in their kettle corn

People everywhere they go love their kettle corn. Why? Garry thinks it’s because he uses different ingredients that other kettle corn maker use. For example, he uses corn oil rather than regular fry oil, butterfly popcorn rather than mushroom popcorn, and cane sugar rather than regular sugar.

Kettle cornKettle corn ready to eat

Garry believes his ingredients makes the popcorn caramelize better. His customers agree, and buy bags in October to freeze, then eat it during the winter. Customers tell Garry and Iola their kettle corn is the best they’ve ever had.

Okay, while it may not be the healthiest popcorn ever, it sure sounds like it’s one of the best kettle popcorn people have eaten.

From The Advertiser-Tribune

Free Popcorn for Movie Goers

free popcorn with purchase of drinkFree popcorn with purchase of a drink.

Harkins Theatres in Arizona celebrated their 84th anniversary in September. To encourage movie-goers to celebrate with them, the chain offered free (small) popcorn with the purchase of a drink at all Harkins Theatres throughout the month of September.

Perhaps cinemas with movies that aren’t drawing a crowd could encourage attendance by giving away popcorn on a specific day to their patrons.

From: San Tan Valley

Girl Scouts Float Wins Award in Popcorn Festival Parade

Valparaiso (right near my home town of Michigan City) holds a Popcorn Festival Parade each year in September. 

The theme of the Girl Scouts float was “Faces of Girl Scouting,” and the award it won was the “Best Little Kernel Award.” The float was decorated in cornmeal, popcorn, and other corn products.

Being a popcorn lover, former Girl Scout, and former Hoosier, I was very pleased to read this article. Way to go Valpo Girl Scouts!

From: The Times Staff