Update 11

65 Popcorn Flavors (!!)

Goody’s Famous Popcorn, a gourmet popcorn shop in Dyer, Indiana, offers 65 (!) flavors every day. They are working toward 300 (!!) flavors that can be ordered on-line.

flavored popcorn65 flavors of popcorn!

What type of flavors have they created? How about: 

  • dill pickle,
  • Parmesan garlic,
  • cherry limeade,
  • jalapeno bacon,
  • pina colada,
  • cream soda,
  • watermelon,
  • banana pudding,
  • fruity loops,
  • cheesecake,
  • birthday cake,
  • cotton candy,
  • and sour nerds. 

Now those are some unusual flavors! The shop also offers traditional flavors like cheese and caramel corn.

cheese flavored popcornTraditional flavors such as cheese popcorn will also be offered.

Goody’s was founded by Dan Earles whose goal is to use the best ingredients possible to create this vast selection of gourmet popcorn flavors. They use healthier ingredient such as non-GMO corn, pure coconut oil, and non-trans-fat cheeses.

Not only does Goody’s offer a huge variety of popcorn flavors, the nine employees do their best to create a memorable in-store experience, to include a comfortable space for customers to browse, sample, and enjoy their popcorn purchase. 

teddy bear reading a bookI love to read while eating popcorn. How about you?

I wonder if they offer reading material, too.

By Joseph Pete, NWI

And Popcorn Becomes Even Healthier

Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn, LLC, is introducing a wholesale line of Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn at the summer Fancy Food Show in NYC.

This new line of gourmet popcorn is made using non-gmo popcorn, non-gmo corn syrup, and only natural ingredients. The result is a superior tasting popcorn.

non-gm signNon-gmo popcorn now available.

The popcorn is sold in 13 different flavors such as Chocolate Peanut Butter, Poppy Mix (salted caramel, white cheddar and jalapeño cheddar), Cinnamon Bourbon Pecan, and Salted Caramel.

non-gmo popcornNon-gmo popcorn is even healthier.

The popcorn is packaged in a modern, clean package that stands out on the shelf and is a favorite among shoppers.

From: Specialty food Association, by Ginger Murphy Frank and Lori Blankenship

Popcorn and Protein

By now we all know that popcorn popped without oil and without lots of salt and butter is really good for you. But how about popcorn and protein?

A company called You Fresh Naturals makes gluten-free, protein packed treats, such as nut butters, frosting, oats, and popcorn. How do they get the protein in the popcorn? Whey protein isolate.

Each bag of popcorn contains eight grams of protein per serving. And flavors? How about Sweet & Salty, Cheddar Cheese, Cinnamon Crunch, Vegas Crunch, and Pizza flavors.

So, if you love popcorn and want your protein fix, try one of these protein-packed popcorn goodies.

From: The Ultimate Mom’s Guide by Victoria Messina