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Popcorn As a Fund Raiser

It’s a 98-year-old tradition and it’s called the Granite Falls Kiwanis Popcorn Stand. The popcorn stand, in Granite Falls, Minnesota, started in 1919 during the Prohibition Era. Currently, between May Day and Labor Day, the popcorn stand, which is actually a tiny building on the corner of Prentice Street and 7th Avenue, begins popping popcorn before 7 AM. And the popcorn lovers come in droves.

Popcorn stand in Granite Falls, MNGranite Falls Popcorn Stand in MN

In the summer months the popcorn stand is the focal point of night life in the downtown area, according to Dave Smiglewski, mayor of Granite Falls, Minnesota. Families of parents, children, and grandparents come year after year for this special popcorn. People from all over the state stop at the stand for the popcorn. People who move away come back year after year for popcorn from the popcorn stand.

What makes this popcorn so special? Two “secret” ingredients: one, it’s made with real dairy butter, and two, it’s popped in coconut oil. Add a touch of salt and you have the perfect popcorn (but not all that low in calories).

money collected goes to children's activitiesAll funds collected goes toward children's activities

The history of the popcorn stand is detailed in an old ledger. It shows that on August 1, 1919, Granite Falls brothers Julius and Fred Ernston opened the popcorn stand for celebrations. Later, the people wanted the popcorn for more than just celebrations. Then, Congressman Andrew Volstead co-authored legislation to become one of the founding fathers of prohibition. So, in 1919, the Granite Falls Popcorn Stand began selling Root Beer.

left-over popcorn is eaten by birdsLeft-over popcorn is fed to the birds

The stand has changed hands over the years and is now operated by 30 Kiwanis volunteers. All the money made at the stand goes to the youth activity and reading programs. The left-over popcorn each night is fed to the birds.

So if you are visiting Minnesota, stop in at the Granite Falls Kiwanis Popcorn Stand. Experience the small town community while enjoying some truly delicious popcorn.

From: Finding Minnesota, May 28, 2017, by John Lauritsen

Popcorn Maker Starts Fire

In Sandwich, MA, on a Sunday afternoon, a popcorn popper being used to pop popcorn caught fire. The mother, at home at the time, got her children out of the house while a neighbor grabbed the popcorn popper, took it outside, and extinguished the flames with a garden hose.

popcorn popper caught on firePopcorn popper catches fire

The fire department was called, but the fire was out by the time they arrived. Fortunately no one was injured. There was some damage to the underside of the kitchen cabinets. No mention as to why the popcorn popper caught fire.

Moral of the story: watch your popcorn popper when in use.

From: The Sandwich Enterprise, May 29, 2017, by Karen B. Hunter

Global Popcorn Makers Market for 2017

The Global Popcorn Makers Market 2017 examined several popcorn makers and rated them based manufactures analysis and top sellers. The top 7 were:

1.       Cretors

2.       Fun Time

3.       Gold Medal products

4.       Great Northern

5.       Nostalgia Electrics

6.       Paragon

7.       Presto

From: InvestDailyNews