Poppy Hand-crafted Popcorn 

Poppy Hand-crafted Popcorn is owned by and operated by Ginger Frank (founder) and Lori Blankenship (operating partner)​.

Their website is https://www.poppyhandcraftedpopcorn.com

The store is located at:


640 Merrimon Ave., Suite 201, 

Asheville, NC 28804

Phone: 828-552-3149

The idea for Poppy Hand-Crafted Popcorn came from a love of popcornThe idea for Poppy Hand-crafted Popcorn came from a love of popcorn.

Where did the idea of Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn come from?

I have always LOVED popcorn.  Whenever I would see a popcorn shop in another town, I would get so excited and have to go in and try everything.  Asheville is a very foodie city but we didn't have a popcorn shop...so I thought it must be my job to open one :)

Store opened on Dad's birthdayStore opened on Dad's birthday

When did the store open its doors?

We opened on October 9, 2014, which is my Dad's birthday.  It just happened to land on that day.  My Dad passed away 12 years ago but he was an entrepreneur and would have LOVED the popcorn biz :)​

What (if any) problems did you have to overcome to open your store?

Poppy by the bag

The question always came up "can you really sell enough popcorn to maintain a business?"  "Is that all you sell is popcorn?"  - We definitely have had to be strategic in how we were going to market poppy and gather customers.  It's still a learning process but it's a super fun and exciting journey.  But to answer those questions...yes, we only sell popcorn and yes, there are lots of customers who love popcorn!

Do you have any future plans to expand—either flavors or stores?

We just opened our 2nd store and production facility in Black Mountain, NC.  It's a little mountain town just outside of Asheville.  Our hope is to bring Poppy to other locations in the future as well.  And new flavors are something that is always on the planning table at Poppy.  Stay tuned for some new flavors in 2018!

What do you enjoy the most about your store?

I love the community of working in Asheville, small business, the food industry.  It's a great community to be a part of.  I like to say we're building a community and not just a brand.  The relational aspect of Poppy is just as important to me as the brand and it's certainly a great reason why we've been so successful.  Basically, people matter, and we want that to be evident in our work.  I personally work mostly on the branding and the future of packaging, growing, marketing efforts and that is my favorite part of the puzzle.

Poppy's voted #4 in USA Today's top 10Poppy's was voted #4 in USA Today's Top Ten

 What are some of your more unusual popcorn flavors?

Pimento CheesePimento Cheese

We've tried all kinds of things over the past few years.  Being that we use only natural, real ingredients rather than artificial, it does limit what we can do.  But we're always working on new things.  Finding the time is difficult but it's a vital part of growing the business.  Our Pimento Cheese popcorn is an unusual flavor in the popcorn world but it's quickly becoming a huge seller for us.  We love being in the South and you can't be a business in the south without Pimento Cheese :)

How do you come up with some of the unusual popcorn flavors? 

Poppy by the tin

Flavor ideas come from all over.  Things we love, trends in the food industry, things that just happen to fall together.  Our Poppy Mix came from a staff mash up.  We eat LOTS of popcorn around here and are always just randomly putting things together for different flavors.  Poppy Mix was a staff favorite that we all loved around the shop before it actually was sold to customers, which is how it got it's name.  Being that we only use natural ingredients and nothing artificial, turning out new flavors isn't as easy as if we were using artificial flavors but we feel when we do bring out a new flavor, it's worth the wait.  We have 4 new flavors coming out in our wholesale line in January and some really exciting things on the horizon for next holiday :)

What is your favorite popcorn flavor?

I don't know that I have a favorite.  We eat a serious amount of popcorn around here.  I seem to stick with Rosemary & Olive Oil a lot of the time but when I reach in for something different, I always say, "Wow! That's really good...I need to have that one more often!" 

Poppy gifts

What makes your popcorn special?

We make everything in small batches so it's always really fresh.  Nothing sits on shelves for more than a couple of days.  We only use real, natural ingredients.  Even the pink in our cotton candy comes from Radish.  Most of all, it's made with LOVE and that makes all the difference.  We really care about producing a quality ingredient.

 Is there anything I haven't asked that you would like to talk about?

I don't think so!  We are slammed with holiday orders and my brain is fried :) 

If you are in the Asheville area, be sure to stop in at Poppy's.