Update 20 Popcorn and Politics??

Popcorn and Politics

At a place called The Islander in Florida, they have an annual event dubbed Popcorn and Politics. Here people get free popcorn (and possibly a glass of wine) while meeting and listening to political candidates. 

Popcorn and politicsFree popcorn while listening to a politician
Popcorn and PoliticsMay be more fun to listen to a politician while eating free popcorn

Hmmm—the popcorn may make the evening worthwhile. Maybe other communities should try the idea. That may be one way to encourage attendance. 

From The Islander

And One More Company Enters the Popcorn Arena

A company well-known for its mints and gum—PUR Company—has now entered the popcorn snacking arena.

PUR sells gum and is now selling popcornPUR has entered the popcorn market.

The company, started in Toronto, Canada, is now selling sea salt, sweet and salty, and caramel sea salt popcorn flavors.

PUR is headquartered in Toronto, CanadaPUR, from Toronto, Canada, has entered the popcorn market

The company decided to enter the popcorn market because popcorn is considered a healthier snack than candy.

PUR is in 50 countries and has over 50,000 distribution points. With that big of a market, the company can try new things—like flavored popcorn.

From Food navigator-usa by Kacey Culliney

Butterfinger Popcorn???

Do you like popcorn? Do you like Butterfinger candy bars? Well, then you probably will like Butterfinger Popcorn.

Candy Pop has created the new flavor by coating popcorn with pieces of Butterfinger candy bar.

Butterfingers PopcornCandy Pop has a new flavor--Butterfingers and popcorn.

So far, the only place the new flavor has been found is in WinCo supermarkets. Maybe Candy Pop is just testing this new idea for popcorn in certain locations.

Sounds like an interesting flavor. Hope Candy Pop’s new idea goes national soon. Besides, sounds like this is a flavor that would go good with Popcorn and Politics!

From Danielle Jackson at delish

More Butterfinger Popcorn

Harry & David's store in OregonHarry & David also offer Butterfingers popcorn

Turns out Candy Pop is not the only company mixing Butterfingers and popcorn. So is Harry and David. 

Harry and David have teamed up with Nestle and to offer two new candy and popcorn snacks in its popular Moose Munch Premium Popcorn: Buncha Crunch and Butterfinger Bits.

Sounds good—but remember the more you add to popcorn, the more calories (and other stuff) you add. But oh the taste!!

From delish by Madison Flager

More Interesting Flavors—Poppin’ Pizza

Doc Popcorn, known as the world’s largest popcorn franchise retailer, is reviving its Poppin’ Pizza flavor.

The popcorn is flavored with tomato, cheese, and Italian spice seasonings. It’s being touted as a snack that is both delicious and healthy.

Poppin' pizza--popcorn with pizza spicesPoppin' pizza is back--popcorn flavored pizza

America has a love affair with pizza, and a love affair with popcorn. What better way to enjoy them both than pizza-flavored popcorn.

Doc Popcorn’s popcorn uses high quality ingredients that are free of trans fat, MSG, artificial colors, and preservatives. Other popcorn flavors include Klassic Kettle, Sinfully Cinnamon, Triple White Cheddar, Sweet Butter, Cheesy Cheddar, Better Butter, Caramel Bliss, Hoppin’ Jalapeno, and Salt-n-Pepper. Another feature of Doc Popcorn is that they will customize flavors for their customers. 

Now poppin' pizza sounds like it would go good with Popcorn and Politics.

There has to be something for everyone at Doc Popcorn!

From Industry News