Popcorn News March 28, 2017

Man Arrested for Eating Popcorn in the Theater

This just in—man arrested for bringing popcorn into the Jefferson Theater—in 1922!

Fortunately, the jury reversed his popcorn case.

Why Was He Arrested?

Why was he arrested in the first place? Well, in 1922 eating popcorn in the theater was against the rules. My how times have changed!

man in jailBehind bars

The gentleman brought the popcorn into the movie theater. He found a seat in the balcony and began eating his popcorn.  The manager came over to him and told him he had to take the popcorn out of the theater because theater rules did not allow eating popcorn in the theater.

man eating popcornMan in theater eating popcorn

Did He Take His Popcorn Out of the Theater?

The gentleman did, indeed, take the popcorn out of the theater, and then he returned and requested that the manager refund his ten cents that he spent to buy the popcorn.  The manager refused to refund the ten cents and told the gentleman to either return to his seat or leave the theater. 

man going to jail built in legosMan going to jail (in legos)

When the gentleman refused to do either until his ten cents was refunded, the manager called the police. The gentleman was arrested for creating a disturbance.

When his case came up in police court, the judge imposed a fine of $10 on the gentleman. He promptly noted an appeal.

His Case was Heard On March 28, 1922

On March 28, 1922, his case was heard in corporation court. The trial took three hours and a large number of witnesses testified. There was considerable sparring among the lawyers in the case.

After three hours, a verdict was returned exonerating the gentleman, and reversed the decision in the case as it was tried in the police court.

Judge releasing manThe Judge released the gentleman

Glad it's not 1922!

Interesting that the theater rules would not allow the patrons to eat popcorn in the theater. Although most theaters will not allow patrons to bring food into the theater—including popcorn—that was not the issue. Bringing the popcorn into the theater was not the problem. Eating the popcorn in the theater was the problem.

Today, our movie theaters make a nice profit from the sale of popcorn.

This article is from the Charlottesville Daily Progress.