Popcorn Gifts

Why would people give popcorn gifts? Well, for starters, gifts of popcorn are as varied as the people who give them and the people who receive them. You can get popcorn gifts in a variety of flavors. You can get popcorn gifts for a variety of holidays. You can get popcorn gifts for a variety of reasons.

Don’t know what to get a friend for a special occasion? Get them a gift of popcorn. Got a picky relative you don’t know what to get for their birthday? Give them a popcorn gift. Need a thank you gift that will be both unusual and appreciated? Consider a gift of popcorn. Use small, decorative bags of popped popcorn for party favors. Even serve popped popcorn at baby or wedding showers.

Gifts of popcorn can be funny or serious; plain or fancy; big or small; very expensive or very reasonable in price.

Types of Popcorn Gifts

Food Gifts

You can get basic popcorn such as buttery popcorn, caramel popcorn, kettle corn popcorn, movie theater style popcorn, low salt popcorn, or white cheddar popcorn. Or you can get blends of popcorn with nuts, or fruit, or chocolate, or herbs, or cinnamon, or things mixed together such as caramel and cheddar.

You can buy a gift of popped popcorn or a gift of un-popped popcorn. You can get popcorn gifts in boxes or tins or cones or bags or buckets. You can get un-popped popcorn jars or cups or bags.

Some popcorn stores are huge corporations. Others are small, family owned stores. Some are local, others only on-line. All have unusual, interesting popcorn gifts.

You can get popcorn gifts from various parts of the country, such as Indiana. or Iowa or Illinois.

And if you are over-whelmed with the options of popcorn gifts, get a gift certificate for a popcorn gift.

Another suggestion—if you need a fund raiser for an organization, several popcorn gift companies offer fund raising ideas. Enterprising students and teachers could also make up their own popcorn packages to sell for fund raisers.

Popcorn Poppers

If you know someone who just loves popcorn, but needs a new popcorn popper, you can give them a new popper as a gift. Just make sure you know the person well enough to be sure you are getting the right type of popper for them. For example, don't get them a popper to use over the fireplace if they don't have a fireplace.

If you are really creative, make your own popcorn gift. Check out some ideas here.

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