New Year Popcorn Drops

New Year Popcorn Drop in Chagrin Falls

You know there is a big ball in New York that drops at midnight to usher in the New Year.

But did you know there is a popcorn ball that drops 50 feet at midnight in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Ohio drops popcorn ballsOhio drops popcorn balls at New Year's

The ball, weighing in at 78 pounds, was first dropped in 2013. The tradition continues in 2017-2018. The first ball in 2013 weighted 65 pounds. The ball is getting bigger!

Popcorn balls dropping in OhioPopcorn ball drops in Ohio

The Popcorn Shop made the popcorn ball. Three people worked for 8 hours to cook and pack the ball. They used 40 pounds of popcorn kernels, ½ pound butter, and 2 pounds of sugar.

In addition to dropping the popcorn ball, The Popcorn Shop also shoots popcorn balls out of modified leaf blowers. The modified leaf blowers, known as bazooka guns, can hold 10 popcorn balls at a time.

Now that sounds like a fun way to pop in the New Year!

From Cleveland magazine

More Fun From Poppin’ Ohio

Marion, Ohio, holds an annual New Year’s Eve Popcorn Pop-N-Drop in downtown Marion.

Marion, Ohio, has a New Year popcorn ball dropMarion, Ohio, has a New Year's Popcorn Ball Drop

The event started at 11 PM on December 31. The Marion Athletic Boosters Club passed out hot chocolate and popcorn.

Pop’d Gourmet Popcorn Shoppe has food available for purchase.

Popcorn shop in Marion, OhioPopcorn shop in Marion, Ohio

There are other vendors and DJ services at the Pop-N-Drop.

The highlight is the large popcorn ball that is dropped at midnight.

Sounds like more poppin’ and droppin’ fun in Ohio.

From TheMarionStar

Humor Time

Time for a little humor: a man in a cinema was filmed eating popcorn with chopsticks.

Chop sticks and popcornPopcorn and chopsticks

Now that’s one way to make that bucket of popcorn last awhile.

From Daily Mail

Popcorn-Themed Drinks

McDonald’s has found a way to cash in on the popcorn craze—popcorn themed drinks.

McDonald's in Japan offers popcorn coffee drinksMcDonald's in Japan is offering popcorn coffee drinks

A McDonald’s in Japan offers drinks such as Iced Caramel Popcorn Latte, Hot Caramel Popcorn Latte, ad Caramel Popcorn Frappe.

Popcorn flavored drinks at McDonald's in JapanPopcorn flavored drinks now available at McDonald's--in Japan

The drinks use popcorn syrup, caramel syrup, caramel sauce, and caramel corn (used as a topping) to get the popcorn flavor.

popcorn coffee drinksPopcorn flavored coffee drinks (in Japan)

The question now is: Will McDonald’s in the US offer these same drinks? Who knows.

From 5 WNEM

Illinois and Corn (Including Popcorn)

On January 1, 2018, corn became the official state grain of Illinois. Sweet corn is the official state vegetable and popcorn is the official state snack food.

Sweet corn is the Illinois state vegetableSweet corn is the Illinois state vegetable

Now there’s a state that loves corn!

Popcorn is now the state snack foodIllinois now has a state snack: popcorn

But there is a legislator—Senator Tom Rooney—that wants to remove all the “state” items (state bird, insect, language, mineral tree, flower animal fish, etc. and yes, the snack food, vegetable, and grain) from the law books. Sounds like he wants to take the fun out of Illinois.

State seal of IllinoisA senator wants to eliminate popcorn as the state snack

So what’s wrong with popcorn as an official snack?

From Chicago Tribune by Kim Janssen