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New Popcorn Store in Milwaukee

Milwaukee district 9 is being renewedMilwaukee district 9 is being renewed

Good popcorn news:  A new popcorn store is opening in Milwaukee, WI: Lush Gourmet Popcorn.

The store, the winner of the local Shark Tank competition, features white chocolate popcorn and liquor-infused popcorn. Hence the name, Lush Gourmet.

Lush Gourmet Popcorn has liquor-infused popcornLush Gourmet Popcorn has liquor-infused popcorn

But the more important part of this story is the store’s location: Milwaukee’s north side or 9th District. The area was hard hit in the recession and has not bounced back—yet.

But in 2018 the 9th District will see a redevelopment plan take place. The North Ridge Mall, once a bustling shopping area, but now a series of empty buildings and parking lots, is the focus of the redevelopment area.

Many stores closed in the mallMany stores closed in the North Ridge Mall

Lush Gourmet Popcorn is one of the stores that will be opening in the area. Owner Marcia Taylor is excited to be a part of improving the place she calls home.

Other stores to open in the area are Dunkin’ Donuts and Captain D’s.        

Lush Gourmet PopcornLush Gourmet Popcorn is opening in Milwaukee, WI

We wish Lush Gourmet Popcorn the best of luck and look forward to their online presence. That is good popcorn news, indeed.

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Good Popcorn News: Movie Popcorn Revealed

All popcorn kernels start out the sameAll popcorn kernels start out the same

All popcorn starts out the same—whether it’s from your house or from the local movie theater.

But once popped, it certainly doesn’t taste the same. Why?

Movie popcorn revealedMovie popcorn revealed

I’m sure everyone knows by now that movie popcorn is loaded with calories. But how many calories we may not realize because movie theaters are not required to display a nutritional label. That’s problem number one.

Calories and movie theater popcornHow many calories are in that bucket of movie theater popcorn?

Problem number two is the secret sauce movie theaters put on their popcorn—flavacol. 

Flavacol is in movie theater popcorn.Flavacol is in movie theater popcorn.

What, you ask, is flavacol? It is a butter-flavored seasoning salt that is made of four ingredients: extra fine salt flakes, artificial butter flavor, Yellow #5, and Yellow #6. The last two ingredients are why movie theater popcorn is yellow. Flavacol is used in the cooking or popping process, not as a topping on the popped popcorn. 

Flavacol does not contain diacetyl. Diacetyl is problematic and is found in microwave popcorn. But other stuff movie theaters puts on their popcorn, such as butter flavored topping, does contain diacetyl. 

Does that mean you should give up popcorn at the movies? Now that may be hard to do. Movies and popcorn go together like, well, you know.

Get a small bucket of popcornDon't give up the joy of eating popcorn at the movies--just get a small bucket of popcorn.

Next time you go to the movies, get a small bucket of popcorn rather than a large bucket. 


Now, About that Homemade Popcorn (Good Popcorn News!)

A UK company recently listed 15 snack foods that have less than 100 calories.

Hard boiled egg = 70-80 caloriesHard boiled egg = 70-80 calories

First was a hard-boiled egg which has between 70-80 calories.

Second, one medium apple with peel has 70 calories.

apple = 70 caloriesA medium apple = 70 calories

Third, a roasted skinless chicken drumstick which came in at 75 calories.

1 cup raspberries = 65 caloriesOne cup of raspberries equals 65 calories.

Other items listed included:

·       100ml of orange juice (47 calories);

·       two medium kiwis (95 calories);

·       fat-free fruit yogurt (85 calories);

·       one slice of wholegrain bread (65 calories);

·       three squares of dark chocolate (95 calories);

·       one cup of fresh raspberries (65 calories);

·       20 olives (68 calories);

·       14 almonds (98 calories);

·       one banana (89 calories);

·       two teaspoons of peanut butter (65 calories);

·       one crumpet (89 calories).

And then (drum-roll please), a bowl of popcorn comes in at 95 calories. The article doesn’t say how big the bowl is or how the popcorn was popped, or what topping is on the popcorn. 

bowl of popcorn = 95 caloriesA bowl of hot-air popped popcorn = 95 calories.

However, hot-air popped popcorn without butter and a little salt is a really healthy snack. 

From The sun, a News UK Company