Best comfort food around.

by Joanne L.
(Reno, NV, US)

OMG, today was the day when I was going to start writing for four hours every day...(you know why) and little did I know my first entry was to be about popcorn!
Popcorn is my all time favorite snack. I shouldn't demean it by calling it a snack, because it is so much more to me. It's the greatest comfort food around. It takes over those time slots when you slouch around filled with ennui. It is the emergency serving for when company comes to call. As well as the movies, it satisfies when sobbing through a soap opera.
And it is tasty. Drizzle it with butter, add a little more salt, straight out of the microwave, serve in an upturned plastic cake cover ...umm umm good. All's right with the world!

Even though I like Cracker-Jacks, please no sweetener of any kind, thank you. Just plain old salty popcorn!

P.S. I LOVE this site!!! Thanks.

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