April 17, 2017 Popcorn News: See the Newest Popcorn Invention

What's new in popcorn news for April 17, 2017? Take a look at these three stories.

What--No Popcorn??

Can you imagine a movie theater that refuses to allow popcorn?

Well, that was the case with the first movie theaters in the US until the 1920’s.

no popcorn allowed in movie theatersNo popcorn was allowed in the movie theaters

The first movie theaters attempted to duplicate the opera houses of the time. Both the movie theaters and the opera houses had heavy curtains, exquisite chandeliers, and luxurious carpets—impressive decor indeed.

The early movie theaters were silent films with captions. The theaters were aimed at the wealthy and educated patrons.

The theater owners did not want popcorn in their theaters because it was noisy and lead to littering. Since the patrons of these early theaters tended to be the same people who attended opera, they understood the no popcorn concept.

In the 1920’s, sound film arrived on the scene. Now the uneducated and under-educated could enjoy the films.

Well, this broader class of audience led to cheaper snacks. And popcorn came on the scene. Since commercial popcorn venders had been around since the 1890’s, popcorn was readily available.

During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, people smuggled popcorn under their coats into the theaters.

Now, popcorn is one of the main staples in movie theaters. In fact, many of us cannot imagine no popcorn at the movies!

Look What Singapore Has Created!

ice cream with popcorn toppingsIce cream with popcorn toppings

In Singapore there is a store that has combined soft-serve ice cream with various popcorn toppings. The idea came from Korea.

These toppings include:

·         caramel popcorn

·         crunchy chocolate popcorn

·         cheese popcorn

·         tangerine flavored popcorn

·         strawberry flavored popcorn

From: burpple

Newest Popcorn Invention—The Popcorn Ball

How do you mix the seasons (butter, salt, other mixtures) that you put on your popcorn?

Well a foundry worker has come up with an ingenious idea—the popcorn ball.

This invention allows you to put your popcorn in a ball, add the seasonings, close the lid, and roll the ball around. When you open the lid, you have nicely seasoned popcorn throughout. All of your popcorn now has been evenly coated with the seasonings.

the popcorn ballThe popcorn ball

The ball has finger grips so you can spin it. Or you can shake it, throw it around the room, play catch with it, or whatever you want to do to mix your popcorn.

The ball is microwavable, so you can put unpopped popcorn in it, put it in the microwave, and pop the popcorn right in the ball.

The Popcorn Ball can be used to mix other food items, such as Chex mixture, chicken wings, nuts, or whatever. But it was originally invented for mixing popcorn with its seasonings.

by Marc Schollett in UpNorthLive