Let's Explore Popcorn--A Fascinating Food

Come join me as we explore all about this fascinating food. I love popcorn. I've loved it ever since I was a little kid. Plain ole popcorn popped in oil and salted and buttered.

Family eating popcornPopcorn can be a fun family event.

One of my fondest childhood memories is when Mom would pop a big kettle of this wonderful treat. Then my mom, dad, brother, sister, and I would sit around the table on a weekend night eating popcorn, drinking pop, and reading. We kids would read books while Mom and Dad read magazines. To this day, I love to eat popcorn while reading a good novel--especially a Sue Grafton mystery novel.

When I was in college Mom would bake cookies and pack them in popped popcorn. I’d receive a box of cookies and my favorite snack—heaven to me. I think I enjoyed the popcorn even more than the cookies!

box of cookies packed in popcornMy mom packed my cookies in popcorn--double treat for me.

Why did we eat so much of the stuff? Not sure—could be because it was an inexpensive, fairly nutritious snack. Also, we were living in Indiana and popcorn was a staple in the Hoosier state. In 2012, Indiana came in second in the nation for the amount of popcorn produced there. Popcorn was plentiful in the Hoosier state when I was growing up.

In fact, in 2016, the total popcorn production for Indiana was almost 500 million pounds according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That equates to $71.4 million. A record. How much popcorn was planted to get that kind of yield? 94,000 acres. Guess that helps explain why we grew up on popcorn as our favorite snack.

wall clockAny time is popcorn time

When is the Best Time to Eat Popcorn?

When is the best time to eat popcorn? Anytime. For example, it’s not unusual on a Sunday evening for me to pop a bowl of popcorn for dinner. But I use a hot-air popper and a salt substitute or garlic or onion salt. Got to watch the fat and the salt intake. 

Some people love popcorn and could eat it every day (like me). Some people enjoy it every once in awhile. Believe it or not, there are a few people who don’t like this wonderful snack—don’t ask me why. Maybe someone will explain to us why they don’t like it.

Popcorn can be a really healthy snack if it’s popped in a hot-air popper and not loaded with salt and butter. A healthy snack like that can be eaten at any time.

Some people can’t watch a movie in a movie theater without eating a bag of buttered popcorn.

Why a Web Site About Popcorn?

Why a website on popcorn, of all things? For fun, for information, for facts, for knowledge, for exploring, and most of all, for fun.

Girl scout explorerI wanted to be an explorer.

I’m on a journey to explore as much as I can about this fascinating food. I would love it if you would join me in my explorations.

(As a kid, I wanted to be an explorer, but growing up in the 1950’s, females were not explorers—at least that’s what the adults around me said. Girl Scouts was the closest I came.)

I’ll be focusing on the type of popcorn you eat—not the kind on ceilings. Nor will I be discussing popcorn cannabis buds. Also not included in my discussion is the horror classic Popcorn.

What Is On This Web Site?

fun facts about popcornCheck out some fun facts about popcorn

On this website you can find answers to some interesting fun facts. For example…

·         How many Americans love popcorn?

·         How many popcorn kernels can fit into a single cup?

·         How far can an unobstructed kernel fly as it is being popped?

·         What state is the popcorn capital of the USA?

·         Is popcorn enjoyed in other countries as it is here?

·         What do people like to drink with their popcorn?

·         Why is popcorn so popular at movies?

·         Do people eat as much popcorn watching movies at home as they do at the movie theater?

·         Is there a difference in taste among the different brands of popcorn?

·         Who figured out how those small, hard kernels could become a fluffy, tasty food? And was it an accident or on purpose?

We’ll explore some of the best ways to pop popcorn—type of popcorn poppers to use; microwave versus hot air versus stove top; popcorn brands, and so on. And even frozen popcorn!

We will look at—

·         the history of popcorn,

·         how it’s grown,

·         its nutritional value,

·         the various flavors of popcorn,

·         the different ways to pop popcorn

·         some recipes using popcorn,

·         information about popcorn gifts,

·         some books about popcorn,

·         crafts made with popcorn,

·         blogs about what’s new in the world of popcorn,

·         and much more.

There is a quiz on popcorn fun facts and a poll for your enjoyment.

Check out some Gourmet Popcorn Shops--see if there are any in your area. If not, most shops take orders over the internet. 

Come join me. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about popcorn. What memories do you have about this incredible food? How do you enjoy popcorn? Let’s do some exploring!

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